Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Products from Toy Fair That Rock!

So I thought I would share with you my experience of Toy Fair and share some cool pictures with you! First we get there Sunday morning and plan out our attack. These guys shared with us our plan of attack to - the parade of clowns!

So let me just dive in and share with you some of our new and exciting lines we're carrying this year! Cloud B....I cant say enough about they. They're launching a new line of aromatherapy plush pillows to complement its popular Sleep Sheep. Their whole line of products are designed to sooth the senses in order to help children sleep better and easier. Twilight Turtle projects a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of any room. Choose from three soothing color options – blue, green, and amber – to create magical, tranquil environments that are ideal for helping children of all ages ease into a restful sleep. Also a favorite it the Gentle Giraffe! Check them out we should be getting them in stock soon!

Of course we can't leave out Citiblocs, our new favorite which I promise you'll have hours of imaginative fun with your little one. Responding to calls for color - citiblocs is unveiling new colors sets and packaging this month and expanding the self named line wood plank construction toys it launched last year. New skyline packaged sets will be available in three different color variations: Hot, Cool and Natural.

HABA, highlights from Haba's 2010 lineup include new Eco-friendly plush baby and toddler toys and a collection of wooden playthings. Haba's latest line of wooden toys features bright colors, smooth edges and whimsical designs. It includes a spiral topped rattle, a smiling crocodile and an animal trio. Other new products include the glow-in-the-dark fireflies mobile, a Discoverers Meadow Play Mat, Pacifier Cuddly, Soft Fabric Cubes, Shopping Cart with more foodstuffs!

Finally - my last to favorites. Douglas! Plush toy maker Douglas Co. looks to grow its plush, infant gift and baby toy collects in 2010! The Douglas Baby cuddle toy brand gift ensemble debuts 5 new styles this winter: Orange Dog (which I loved!!!), Hot Pink Horse and Green Frog (I love!! getting this for my boys!). The blankies, animal towels and teething ring filled with natural wooden balls were sooo pretty!!!!

ROOM IT UP!!! Check out their lines - it speaks for themselves!! I love them and the girls will love them also! We'll be carrying the Lunchbox in 5 other fun funky colors and patterns, the Diaper Bag, and the Backpack (large enough for your 1st, 2nd grader!

OK Peeps! That's enough for now! Hope you enjoyed some of the new things we'll be getting in soon!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Toy Fair Update

Well - there's not one snow flake on the ground yet all the schools are closed! REALLY! If my parents call me one more time because they think there's gonna be problems when I get to New York I'm gonna scream! How bad would it be to be stuck in NYC! New York has seen snow before (maybe not this much) but we in GA panic go buy the milk and bread and lock our doors!
OK, so I've packed my bags, I've got the bottle of ??? ready to make my morning mimosa for the trip and I'm gone!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Storm 2010

Well we're getting ready for Toy Fair 2010! Can't Wait! I've been chomping at the bit to get to HABA and Plan Toys! I really wish Selecta would start shipping back into the United States! I want to carry more children's gear and furniture! It'll be operation - spend money this weekend! Stay tuned!