Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trunki Suitcase – Ride on luggage!

What could be better??

Trunki is a child sized suitcase with wheels so that your traveling toddlers can ride on it when they get tired, play with it when they get bored, or pull it to be like mom and dad. When they aren't riding, the little ones can easily pull the lightweight Trunki suitcase with the pull-strap. Trunki luggage is rugged, fun and solves some common travel problems for families. Your children will never complain about sore feet again! At Gifted Imaginations we believe that toys, like the Trunkies, should foster independence and self-esteem in children. Now your child will be able to pack his things and pull his own suitcase along like the big people!

Taking a trip with Trixie means the fun begins when packing! Your child will delight in tucking in his/her favorite clothing and toys for a night at grandparents house or friends.. and especially family trips!! This is the ideal suitcase, full of child-friendly features for traveling or stay-cations!

It's the ultimate travel companion! It has comfortable saddle, integrated wheels and horn grips, plus extra wide wheel base for superb cornering, most important....airline approved for carry on! Great for storing travel essential, snacks, games and spare clothes!


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